Having a strong University-wide identity that adds to each unit’s value has a number of benefits:


The Collective Value

of a single brand bestows all the University’s prestige on each unit

A Shared Identity

builds a sense of community and pride

Efficient Use of Resources

limits duplication of effort and minimizes cost of trademark, design, legal, and other branding expenses

Consolidated Expertise

applies the brand management expertise of Columbia’s communications professionals across the entire University

Top Services

Request a custom logo
Request a Custom Logo

Ask us to create an identity for your
office, department, or research center. Free to those on the Morningside campus.

Design services
Design Services

Contact Columbia Creative for design services.

Licensing & Merchandising
Licensing & Merchandising

Request permission to use the Columbia identity on merchandise or non academic items.

Rights and Permissions
Rights and Permissions

Find out who to ask about using the University identity on your conference poster or other academic project.

Order Stationery
Order Stationery

Order letterhead, business cards, or other stationery getting expert advice on
design and free branding services.